Population-based healthcare has been a concept that has been emerging in the United States in recent years. By means of definition:

“A population health perspective encompasses the ability to assess the health needs of a specific population; implement and evaluate interventions to improve the health of that population; and provide care for individual patients in the context of the culture, health status, and health needs of the populations of which that patient is a member.”   -AAMC

As an organization that embraces a patient-centered medical home approach to care, Lincoln Primary Care is introducing a population-based program for seniors that will further enhance healthcare opportunities for individuals in the community with chronic health conditions who are age 70 and above. The program will be targeted to those with health issues that include diabetes, heart disease, liver disease, kidney disease and more, that need to be closely monitored on an ongoing basis.  Patients involved in the program will be seen at least four times per year, and depending upon their individual needs will also receive additional screening and educational services.

Mike Gibbs, MD, Bob Walker, MD, and Mike Grome, PA-C, all of whom are long standing and well respected providers within the community will be the program’s primary medical providers. Other medical and administrative staffing for the program is currently being finalized for a launch that is targeted for late summer 2016 in a newly renovated space above the exercise room in Lincoln Primary Care Center’s W.E.L.L. Center.  Funds for the construction and renovations were made available through a grant by Health Resources and Services Administration.