Sliding Fee Program we can help you.

Sliding Fee Program

Sliding Fee Program we can help you.

We believe local access to quality-driven health care services in rural communities should be available to everyone who seeks care at our locations.

The health and wellness of our families, friends, and neighbors depend on it!

Being a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), we operate in a manner that no patient will be denied services due to an individual’s inability to pay.  Our patient sliding fee program is designed to assist patients who meet certain eligibility requirements based on household income and the number of people living within the household, to receive services at a reduced cost.

For more information about our program please download a copy of our Sliding Fee Brochure.

Based upon a sliding scale you could be eligible to receive a substantial discount off of:

  • Medical Office Visits
  • X-Rays/EKGs
  • Behavioral Health
  • Preventative Dental Visits
  • Pulmonology Rehabilitation Services
  • Chronic Care Management
  • Pharmacy Prescription Medications *

*Controlled Substances, Pharmacy Retail and Over-The-Counter products do not qualify for Sliding Fee Scale

One of the aspects of a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), is to provide comprehensive, culturally competent, high quality primary health care in rural areas and to provide these services regardless of a patient’s ability to pay.

FQHCs receive grant funding to assist with covering the costs of providing health-related services to improve the health and wellness of individuals who may be more vulnerable to not seek medical care because of economic and financial concerns.

FQHCs are in place to help reduce health disparities, preventable differences in the burden of disease, injury, violence, or opportunities to achieve optimal health, in rural communities by brining access to quality and affordable health care to the communities they serve.

When the residents of a community have equal access to health-related services and act upon receiving the care that a FQHC can provide, in essence, we are all healthier, together.

To see if you qualify for the Sliding Fee Program, ask a Front Office member if you can fill out a Sliding Fee Program Application at the time of your visit. After the application is filled out, it will be submitted and reviewed by a Southern West Virginia Health System team member. You will later be contacted if further documentation is needed once the application is reviewed. From here, you will receive a letter and a card that states your eligibility.