Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health Services

At Southern West Virginia Health System we are focused on providing services that help our patients and communities achieve their healthiest lives. That is why we continue to look for opportunities to expand our services that provide health and wellness, both physical and psychological, in partnership with one another. 

Behavioral Health is an important branch of health care that focuses on the connection between behaviors, emotions, and the health and well-being of the body, mind, and spirit. Just like physical health, behavioral health consists of trained providers who can assist you with achieving your optimal mental health and wellness. 

We provide Behavioral Health services at the following health centers: 

  • Lincoln Primary Care Center 
  • SWVHS – Sand Plant 
  • SWVHS - Logan 

What is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, or LCSW? 

Licensed Independent Clinical Social Workers (LICSWs) hold a master’s degree in social work and are licensed to provide diagnoses and counseling services to support their patients’ day-to-day lives and total mental wellness. 

Are behavioral health and mental health the same thing? 

While the two are often used interchangeably, there are some distinct differences. Behavioral health focuses on how our habits are affecting our overall physical and mental well-being. This area of focus is designed to be more inclusive and has a broader scope that includes multiple aspects of well-being outside of just the mental processes such as: 

  • Substance Use 
  • Behavior 
  • Habits 
  • External forces  

Mental health is one area of behavioral health and can include various factors such as biology, psychological state, and habits.